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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

In Dominican Republic, every 6 November was long observed as “Constitution Day”, but since 2011, the day is observed on the closest Monday to 6 November to ensure a three-day weekend is created.

20244 NovMonConstitution Day
20253 NovMonConstitution Day
20269 NovMonConstitution Day
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The original date of the holiday was based on the adoption of the very first constitution for the Dominican Republic on 6 November, 1844. Despite the fact that the country has had such a turbulent history as to be on its 38th constitution presently, it is the first constitution that is remembered particularly by the holiday.

The constitution was meant to enshrine and protect the liberties secured by the war of independence from Spain, and later, from Spain and from Haiti. The last independence date was 27 February, 1844, just months before the first constitution was adopted. The first constitution was signed in a town near Santo Domingo called “San Cristobal”.

Dominicans celebrate Constitution Day with flag-raising, patriotic speeches, military and civilian parades, and in a host of other ways.

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20236 NovMonConstitution Day
20226 NovSunConstitution Day