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Epiphany 2025 and 2026

Epiphany is celebrated with a holiday on 6 January in Dominican Republic to commemorate the journey of the magi, or wise men, who followed a shining star to visit the infant Jesus as recorded in the Bible. This holiday falls 12 days after Christmas Day.

20256 JanMonEpiphany Holiday
202612 JanMonEpiphany Holiday
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For the people of the Dominican Republic, Epiphany is virtually as important as Christmas Day. Also called Three Kings’ Day, Epiphany is a big day for kids in the Dominican Republic and all across Latin America. Children are encouraged to write wish lists to the three kings, much like they do to Santa Claus in other countries. They then put out grass for the kings’ camels and sweets for the kings themselves to enjoy, hoping for presents in return.

Attending mass either on Epiphany or on the following Sunday is also a major event. There will normally be re-enactments of the visit of the Magi included in the services. The gifts the Magi gave will be expounded in the sermon. Gold was given the young child Jesus because he was a king, frankincense because he would be the Great High Priest and myrrh as a prophecy of his death for sinners on the cross.

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20246 JanSatEpiphany
20239 JanMonEpiphany Holiday