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Labour Day

Labour Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Dominican Republic celebrates Labour Day, or “International Workers Day”, on 1 May as does much of the rest of the world. The date can sometimes be adjusted to allow for a three-day weekend.

202429 AprMonLabour Day
20255 MayMonLabour Day
20264 MayMonLabour Day
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Labour Day is a time to celebrate the contributions of the nation’s workers across all industries. It’s also a time to give workers a much-needed day off to spend with family and friends or, perhaps, at the beach or other top attractions.

It’s mostly peaceful on Labour Day in Dominican Republic, with many businesses shut down for the day. But there are also a few protests and workers rallies going on, which often make headlines in the newspapers and on TV.

Previous Years

20231 MayMonLabour Day
20221 MaySunLabour Day
2 MayMonLabour Day Holiday